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Using Data

The Department of Education is very interested in helping schools learn how to use their data to improve learning for all students. In Tennessee, Learning Curve Educational Consulting, Inc. (LCEC) consultants have been providing this service for the past decade.

Learning Curve Educational Consulting, Inc., through work with Dr. Terry Lashley and her colleagues, is quite accomplished in their home state of Tennessee. One of the projects, Mountain City Elementary, was so successful the school was named a Blue Ribbon School. Mountain City Report.

Learning Curve Educational Consulting, Inc. works in alliance with TERC and are Certified Facilitators in the TERC Using Data Process.

Using Data at TERC was one of two programs recently named by the Alliance for Excellent Education, an alliance that supports schools in developing a data using culture. Alliance for Excellent Education

Development of TERC’s Using Data Program was funded through National Science Foundation (NSF) grants and for the past ten years has been facilitating learning communities as they develop and sustain cultures of collaborative inquiry. For the past forty years TERC has been serving the education community with a long history of research driven nonprofit engagement in our country's education system.

TERC’s Using Data Program has consistently helped learning communities build sustaining data-using cultures. For those educational entities that have dedicated themselves to this process, the results have been: schools and school districts learning how to work with their own data to identify learning problems and their causes, and then being able to implement and evaluate solutions that work.

The results are compelling. School environments are improved; students learn more; teachers become better educators; and communities gain respect for their schools. For evidence supporting these claims please see our case studies at the Using Data TERC website.

Learning Curve Educational Consulting, Inc. is committed to assisting districts and schools in their quest to help students learn by using data to make strategic decisions for improvement. Please, contact Learning Curve Educational Consulting, Inc. for more information.
For more information about TERC, visit their website.



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