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Service List

Learning Curve Educational Consulting, Inc. (LCEC) has a wide range of educational experience and expertise. The following is a list of programs that we currently offer. Please, contact Dr. Terry Lashley if you have any questions.

Leadership Support Network (LSN)
LCEC offers the STEM Leadership Support Network (STEM-LSN) for elementary/middle school mathematics and science teachers. Participants develop a structured network to engage in experiences and instruction that build leadership capacity to improve content and pedagogical content knowledge for mathematics and science programs while utilizing high quality resources that enable the implementation of improvement efforts in participant schools/districts.

Specific Professional Development Opportunities
LCEC has scheduled professional development opportunities in the following areas:
- Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education with the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards (when implemented)
- Digital Blue Microscope Workshops
- Grant Writing
- Using 'INFormative' Assessments

Potential Partners
• Discuss becoming a potential partner with LCEC for future regional grants.
• Contact Dr. Terry Lashley

Data Analysis
• Build effective district-wide based data teams/ data coaches and/or school based teacher data teams / data coaches withdata training through LCEC’s alliance with TERC: Using Data.
• Participate in a personal and private analysis of school and district data.

Curriculum Alignment
• Ensure curriculum is aligned to state standards and College Board national standards through site-based assistance provided by LCEC.

• Create and use INformative Assessments that facilitate teaching and learning.
• Learn how to develop effective, quality assessments to create a powerful tool that impacts learning.
LCEC personnel have been trained in assessment development by Horizon Research, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and the Data Recognition Corporation. Staff members have served on state and national panels for standards, assessment development and evaluation.

Content-Specific Professional Development
Described below are some of the professional development opportunities offered by LCEC. LCEC is available to discuss specific district and school professional development needs.
• Science and mathematics curriculum development and mapping, formative assessment, and lesson study
• Great Explorations in Mathematics and Science (GEMS)
• Science inquiry and experimental design
• AAAS Project 2061 content clarification
• Reading and writing across the curriculum
• Engineering in the Classroom, facilitated by Mr. Gary Benenson, engineer educator from the City University of New York, and author of the “Stuff that Works!” engineering education series’
• Specific science and mathematics content

School Improvement
• Curriculum audits
• Strategic planning
• Funding Research and Identification
• Grant Writing / Proposal Development
• Development of school and district improvement plans
• Multiple learning styles

• Ensure that evaluation is in partnership with the other grant activities.
Evaluation is more than report writing and data analysis. Learning Curve Educational Consulting, Inc. staff members belong to the American Evaluation Association and have evaluated regional, state, and federal research projects.

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