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Learning Curve Educational Consulting (LCEC) is a woman-owned, s-corp which works with schools and school systems. LCEC facilitates strategic improvements in teaching and learning through data analysis and targeted professional development for teachers and administrators. With over 100 years of professional experience, including classroom teaching from elementary to graduate level collegiate courses, staff members provide professional development and educational services in fifteen states; serve on local, regional, state and national curriculum and assessment development teams; and provide evaluation services for K-12 and college-level programs. Learning Curve Educational Consulting is a TERC Alliance Member organization and the exclusive Tennessee organization certified to deliver the TERC Using Data Program. LCEC also delivers Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Content and Formative Assessment professional development through TERC, a research driven nonprofit organization located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Learning Curve Educational Consulting delivers STEM professional development in Knoxville and in the Upper Cumberland region.

Using Data: TERC Alliance Member:
The Using Data Process recognizes that many educators understand why they should use data to analyze their work, and many educational organizations talk about what they would like to do about the results. But hat is generally lacking is an understanding of how to get beyond taking measurements to realizing actual changes in the system. Using Data provides the all-important how expertise.

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The Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise declares that Learning Curve Educational Consulting, Inc. has been certified to be a Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) as defined in T.C.A. 12-3-801 et. Seq.


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